Hello, Everyone!

We are picking up speed in building what, we hope, will be a great Internet resource for Native Veterans and their Families. We are mapping out the floor plan, throwing up walls, and creating access-ways here at NAVASEMI that will ensure that the Native Serviceman will always be front and center in our Hearts and Souls.

4 Responses to News

  1. Patrick E. Kelly says:

    I served in Vietnam with the 11th armoured cav, 1969-1970. I would like to know if anyone in your organization could help me with benefits. I am a member of the Chippewa Sault Indian Tribe in Sault ste. Marie, Michigan. I did receive a purple heart for my wounds in Vietnam. I greatly appreciate any help you can provide, Patrick Kelly

  2. CUrtis drogmiller says:

    Great website!

  3. Just what truly stimulated u to compose “Native American Veterans Association of Southeastern
    Michigan | To principally function as an educational, communications and cultural enrichment organization that serves to strengthen the Native American population and its veterans.
    ”? I reallygenuinely enjoyed reading the blog post! Thank you

    • NAVASEMI says:

      We’ve been assisting Veterans in the Native Communities since 1950’s. We decided to formally register as a Non-profit organization and received this status from IRS and have been continuing our service & support as Native Veterans helping Veterans.

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